Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Storyboard - Re-done

These two storyboards are what me and my group will be constructing during our G321 preliminary task. It tells everybody what the camarea shots will be for the certain scene and what will be happening during these scenes. It also gives everybody a rough idea of where the route of the walk to the conversation will actually take place.

Planning - G321

My planning for my preliminary task G321. It consists of camera angles we will use and what each of the four people in our group will do for the shoot.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Examples of camara shots - Homework- Mrs Barton

This is an over the shoulder shot which is used to portray someone following someone else or to put the audience into the characters shoes.
This image is an extreme close up which is used to utilise the character or action closely.
This is a close up shot with a slight question of medium close up also which is used to help allow the audience to identify the characters emotions.
This image is known as the low angle shot. This type of image helps create a sense or power to the actor. It also shows a sense of power and control towards the character which also gives them status.
This image is known as the longshot. This image is used simply to help etsablish the location or the actor.
This is the high angle shot. This shot helps to create the idea of insignificance and vulnerability towards the audience. However this shot also positions the audience.
This image is known as the tilt. It is used in my circumstances to create confusion or disorientation towards the viewing audience. Sometimes it is also used to show a sense of nightmare.