Thursday, 31 January 2013

Possible character names

After putting forward name suggestions for our two characters and debating on which would suit our specific film and characters, we have reached a conclusion on deciding what they will be from shrinking the name list down to two for each, depending on what the two names presented. The name chosen on from these two names to be our name we use in the actual thriller production.

Firstly, the female characters name has been chosen to be Eve. We have chosen his name because of the reasoning that Eve is quite a vulnerable and small portrayal of our character which signifies both of these things during the production of the thriller; plus the name also mean 'Night'. We chose Eve over the second suggestion of Scarlett. The feeling in the group was that Scarlett represents the colour red and love and passion which do not fit into the thriller we have done. The feeling was also that the name may be more commonly known in a romance film or even a horror film so wouldn't fit into the thriller produced.
Eve is also the name of the 'Femme Fatale' in Once Upon A Time In America so it was felt that Eve would be a great sybolistic name.
The last reason Eve was the strongest case for a name because of the story of Adam and Eve after Eve was seen to be tempting Adam, so would also make her quite a devient character.

Lastly, after a lot of changing we have again reached a conclusion on calling the enigmatic male figure Seth. This was chosen between this name and also Christian. We feel that the name Seth puts forward that sense of mystery and also sneaky whilst keeping himself away from the action which portrays him sort of like a shadow in many ways. This name was chosen over our second suggestion Christian because we feel Christian doesn't present that shadow type figure as much as Seth so came to the conclusion that Seth was the perfect name for our male character.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Moodboard and Inspiration from other thriller films.

For the costume aspect towards our thriller film, we are looking for it to look modernised but with aspects of the film noir genre.We want to use casual clothes however these clothes to be a dark/black colour. We think this supports the mystery of it and get the audience asking the question of 'Who is this unknown man?' and also 'Why is this girl wearing dark clothes?' There could be many reasons for this but mainly to hide themselves away from normal society where the man is not wanted to be noticed following the girl who also doesn't want to be followed.
Essex Boys has inspired our costume ideas through the character of Sean Bean. The dark leather clothes would be a decent for the male character as he is an enigmatic figure in our thriller film as well and acts as a shadow in it.
 This would also help if our thriller would be shot in daylight but made to be black and white. These dark clothes would create the sense of a someone not wanting to be seen/found so gives them the idea that they are considered to be a shadow and un-noticed to anyone else.
The location seen here in Essex boys where the wet and shiny streets are supported by a vanishing point is the idea we want to be able to use in our production of the thriller film. We want to be able to use a claustrophobic area and use signifiers such as shiny streets to emphasise our short film. The vanishing point would create that sense of 'walking into trouble' and in our thriller that is perfect due to the fact this girl is attempting to run away from her family but ironically running into even more trouble.
Ideally we would like to be able to shoot our film in Norwich city centre. This would be because the scenery of the area and buildings look very similar to the scene in The 'Third Man' where as you can establish that the tight and damp/wet streets and the slight tilt shot make it look very enigmatic and scary as well.
Secondly, the Third Man has heavily inspired our idea for our location. As it was mentioned before, the aim is to shoot in the city centre. This is because it relates very highly to The Third Man due to the reasoning of the tiled streets and claustrophobic nature of the location which would support our aim to create an enigmatic location and an area of enclosement and a sense of no escape for one character in particular.
Camera shots
We are also looking to use a variety of different camera angles but more than any we want to use over the shoulder shots. These types of shots help to position the audience in the shoes of the character involved.

We also aim to use many close up shots in our thriller to help get across what something is if they are unable to see in a regular shot or to show the audience the characters emotions. These two pictures you can identify being close up shots and extreme close up shots to show emotions again and closely shows the charcter and the horror in a scene.
If a regular shot was to be used in either of these two scenes/shots then we not be able to establish the emotions of Gloria Swanson in the picure above or the policemans identification.
In some scenes we are looking to use diegetic sound to keep certain scenes natural and to emphasise that horror in some circumstances. For example, hearing footsteps but perhaps not seeing who is walking. However an option for some background sound for the main bulk of the film could be 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.

Here is an example of You'll never walk alone' by Gerry and the Peacemakers.
This could have been used in the thriller film of our production as a little bit of a insight t it, as the title 'You'll Never Walk Alone' suggests that the person is walking but is being followed which is ironic as that is exactly what is going to happen. It really is such a shame that it isn't an unassigned band otherwise it would have been an excellent song to use.
We would love to shot during dark hours like this due to the reasoning that it helps to create the mystery and horror to scenes. This particular photo has a certain use of vanishing poin,t so also helps to show that sense of someone walking to danger and is shown in this picture as someone/something would potentially walk into darkness.
We are also looking to use a sort of spotlight. Here is just a basic idea of what we would like to acheive. This is obviously a much larger scale of what will actually happen although gives the idea of what we want to try and do, just much smaller. And so in other words the light would be artifical which would help to show the main aspects to a scene while keeping the darkness and that sense to the same scenes as well.
The thriller film, ideally would like to have as much natural light as possible, hence why the film will be shot during daylight hours. This shot from Essex Boys has inspired our ambition to shot in daylight because it can help to show that sense of an unexpected time of day for the thriller to commence which also helps with the enigma to the film as well.

Brief synopsis of our film and type of thriller

The thriller film that will be produced is a modern, enigmatic version of a missing girl who has choosen to run away from home because of abuse from family and who also doesn't want to be found by them because of this.
She is aiming to get as far away as possible by bus but is unaware of the enigmatic shadow that is keeping a close eye on her and what she is doing.
These two people are connected in one form or another through small hints such as two identical keyrings; one for each.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rough shooting schedule

First shoot - Duration approx 2 hours
Wednesday 16th January
This will be our very first shooting time so will be us practising our ideas and shots; using different types of shot and angles. However we will essentially try to actually shoot some of the aspects to our film.

The aim to get as much shooting done as possible so it can be reviewed and edited.

When the first shoot arises, the aim would probobly choose to shoot the scenes which are the more easier and then go on to the scenes which may need more thought and shooting such as the flashbacks.

This shoot would take place in the city centre and during our 2 hour period with our media teacher Mrs Barton.

Second shoot - Durarion approx 2 hours
Wednesday 23rd January
Of course this is just a rough schedule for our shooting but this would be our second shoot.

This would be for any scenes to be shoot that were not able to shoot during our first shooting. This may also be used for any improvments to the film that would need to be conducted as well.

Again this shoot would be shot in Norwich city centre and also again during our media double session with our tutor Mrs Barton

At this stage we would like to be able to commence with our edit, potentially at the end of January/Start of February so we can make our film as good as possible. Obviously if we haven't been able to finish during our shoots, or even some scenes need reshooting then we will need to shoot during other hours so the actual edit may have to be moved so the other shots can be done.

At this present moment in time, the group are not one hundred percent if the need for more time will be needed so will have to see how it goes.