Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Storyboard - Re-done

These two storyboards are what me and my group will be constructing during our G321 preliminary task. It tells everybody what the camarea shots will be for the certain scene and what will be happening during these scenes. It also gives everybody a rough idea of where the route of the walk to the conversation will actually take place.


  1. Well done for posting story boards of your preliminary task onto your blog but they are almost unreadable because your drawing is so light. If at all possible go over your graphics with a dark pen and re scan the story board in.

    Also you haven't put your labels onto your blog, could you please follow the guideliens on the document Mr Seal gave you and get these onto your blog by Wed 3 October. If you are having technical problems please contact Mr Seal or me.

  2. Dean

    Ms Barton's comment about blog labels: you need to do step 13 on this guide: