Monday, 1 October 2012

Questionaire - 2 - Mrs barton

Maths -C
Science - B
I.C.T - C
Science/Additional science - B/D
Catering -B
English Lang/English literature - B/C
Philosophy and ethics - A
French - C
History - B

Sport - Football - playing and watching

I dont usually read newspapers but on occasions i dip into the sports section of thw advertiser and the sun. I read this section because i am most interested in this.

I listen to BBC radio norfolk for entertainment as i listen to the norwich city football mathes sometimes. I also listen to BBC radio 1 and kiss for music.

I like nearly all types of music; however not too keen on classical music.
I dont belong to a band
I sometimes access music from youtube
My opinion on illegally downloading music is that i think it's fine because you shouldn't have to pay for the music you love.

My favourite video game is fifa 12 because i have a passion for football and enjoy it a lot, especially now fifa 13 is now out. Video games do have a negative effect to video games in terms of gender and solutions to conflicts because an example is call of duty which uses different and bad solutions to resolve some conflicts which aren't acceptable in the real world. It can affect attitudes to gender as one can instandly ignore the other because of these.

New technology has increased my understanding of the world because we now rely on these technologies to go through life.
Technologies allow use to use new and improved phones so we can socalise and play games on them.
Technologies also allow improved ways to do more in your spare time such as watching tele, but also being able to play games on consoles and using headphones aswell
We can also view media through the internet as we can read texts on it such as newspapers

My favourite channels are comedy central and sky channels such as sky sports. I really enjoy sports programs and comedy programs.
Favourite tele genre is comedy as it always makes me laugh so i enjoy it a lot.
Horror films stick in the memory because certain scenes can make you remember for a long time because of it being scary or like that. Such as women in Black because it has a lot of horror moments in it which makes it memorable; same as paranormal activity and inception.

My favourite genre is action because there is a lot happening in these films so it makes it exciting.
1- Independance day because the action is fantastic and a lot is happening all at one time. The storyline consists of the invasion of aliens to earth. The use of longshot and close up's are phenominal in this film as it makes it more dramatic.
2- War of the worlds because the performance of the actors are so realistic. This is also about an alien invasion to earth and how people have to hide from them which makes it exciting in itself. The use of high and low angle shots in this film are inpecable because it makes for such a brilliant film.
3- Women in Black because the music creates a sense of tension and not knowing what is going to happen next in the film. The storyline is of a haunted house and Daniel Redcliffe. His performance is so realistic you would think it was happening there and then the way he portrays himself as being frightened.

I prefer to consume film at the cinema or normally on the television
My favourite cinema is the vue because when you watch the films you are so comfortable and its reletively easy to get to. However it is very expensive.
I prefer to watch films in a group
I'm not a media producer but have made a short picture film with music in my ICT GCSE course.

I saw on wednesday 12th september, documents concerning the Hillsbourough disaster were going to be revealed to the public after 23 years of hurt for liverpool and their fans and families. I was offended with disbelief to learn that the blame for the disaster was out onto those fans that died and fans when actually the police were to be at fault. They hide from covering the story up for so long and i feel sorry for those 96 people who lost their lives.
Source: the sun
Italian Footballers caught in match fixing scandels which was interesting seeing pro footballers bet against their own teams.
The mum who murdered her own daughter was another interesting one. Who would murder their own children? This made my open my eyes and realise that there are people out there who are like this and we need to be aware and be careful.
I would choose the 'sky sports news' channels or news channel as good resources because they are up to date and know what is happening the world and the world or sport.

I chose media studies because honestly i just had to pick one more and thought media sounded a good subject. I also thought it would have been fun.

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  1. Thanks Dean for swfitly revising your questionnaire. It is important that you begin to embed photographs or video clips onto your blog, thus I'd suggest you add another post with clips re the Hillsborough disaster or trailers for the films you enjoyed. This will help you become confident with uploading visuals to your blog.

    Dean you need to keep an eye on your spelling punctuation and grammar because your blog is part of your examined coursework. Specifically use capital letters accurately and check for spelling/typing errors.