Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rough shooting schedule

First shoot - Duration approx 2 hours
Wednesday 16th January
This will be our very first shooting time so will be us practising our ideas and shots; using different types of shot and angles. However we will essentially try to actually shoot some of the aspects to our film.

The aim to get as much shooting done as possible so it can be reviewed and edited.

When the first shoot arises, the aim would probobly choose to shoot the scenes which are the more easier and then go on to the scenes which may need more thought and shooting such as the flashbacks.

This shoot would take place in the city centre and during our 2 hour period with our media teacher Mrs Barton.

Second shoot - Durarion approx 2 hours
Wednesday 23rd January
Of course this is just a rough schedule for our shooting but this would be our second shoot.

This would be for any scenes to be shoot that were not able to shoot during our first shooting. This may also be used for any improvments to the film that would need to be conducted as well.

Again this shoot would be shot in Norwich city centre and also again during our media double session with our tutor Mrs Barton

At this stage we would like to be able to commence with our edit, potentially at the end of January/Start of February so we can make our film as good as possible. Obviously if we haven't been able to finish during our shoots, or even some scenes need reshooting then we will need to shoot during other hours so the actual edit may have to be moved so the other shots can be done.

At this present moment in time, the group are not one hundred percent if the need for more time will be needed so will have to see how it goes.

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  1. Try to use the snow as an effect, students have shot some excellent thrillers in the snow!! Dress warmly!