Thursday, 31 January 2013

Possible character names

After putting forward name suggestions for our two characters and debating on which would suit our specific film and characters, we have reached a conclusion on deciding what they will be from shrinking the name list down to two for each, depending on what the two names presented. The name chosen on from these two names to be our name we use in the actual thriller production.

Firstly, the female characters name has been chosen to be Eve. We have chosen his name because of the reasoning that Eve is quite a vulnerable and small portrayal of our character which signifies both of these things during the production of the thriller; plus the name also mean 'Night'. We chose Eve over the second suggestion of Scarlett. The feeling in the group was that Scarlett represents the colour red and love and passion which do not fit into the thriller we have done. The feeling was also that the name may be more commonly known in a romance film or even a horror film so wouldn't fit into the thriller produced.
Eve is also the name of the 'Femme Fatale' in Once Upon A Time In America so it was felt that Eve would be a great sybolistic name.
The last reason Eve was the strongest case for a name because of the story of Adam and Eve after Eve was seen to be tempting Adam, so would also make her quite a devient character.

Lastly, after a lot of changing we have again reached a conclusion on calling the enigmatic male figure Seth. This was chosen between this name and also Christian. We feel that the name Seth puts forward that sense of mystery and also sneaky whilst keeping himself away from the action which portrays him sort of like a shadow in many ways. This name was chosen over our second suggestion Christian because we feel Christian doesn't present that shadow type figure as much as Seth so came to the conclusion that Seth was the perfect name for our male character.

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  1. To strengthen you couldthink about posting the symbolism around the name Eve which connotes:

    Eve in Once Upon a Time in America

    The Adam and Eve story in the bible with Eve
    tempting Adam....

    Eve also connotes night