Sunday, 24 February 2013

Thriller - Rough Cut

From our thriller I was pleased about the range of shots that we used such as the close ups for example as these helped to show the tension and enigma to the film especially the close up at 0:26 of the poster which creates significance for the whole film. I also liked our use of the flashback at 1:40 - 1:55 which was inspired from the opening scene from Kill Bill 1 of the girl having blood wiped from her face from Bill.

However there are a few minor aspects to the film that need to be adapted and need small improvements. For example I need to increase the sound for the whole of my film and also need to try to create a soundbridge of the breathing of the first flashback. This would be from the start of the film to around 0:58 to help create suspence of the flashback. I have already attempted this but it wasn't successul the first time around.

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  1. Well done Dean for evaluating feedback, sound definitely needs to be stronger, that is diegetic and non diegetic sound.