Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Evaluation - Quesion 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Audience in terms of the age group

For our thriller, it has been decided that there are specific aspecst towards target audience. The age for the opening would be around the teenage and young adult group (15 - 21). This would be because that the main character is portrayed as a teenager so it would relate more towards this certain age span. This would help the audience to understand and relate to the film better as they would be able to imagine themselves potentially in the position of the main character and know more about it.
This film could be compared with This Is England due to the fact that the main character is a young boy so would potentially attract the same teen/young adult audience.

Audience in respects to gender

Now that the age range for the thriller has been established, we can now decipher which would be the preferred gender to be watching the thriller. Due to the fact the lead is female and features more in the opening of it, it would be established that it's more likely that a female audience would go to watch it in comparison to a male audience who perhaps wouldn't.
We got the idea of a girl being the lead through inspiration from Kill Bill one, and the opening scene where the woman is vulnerable and helpless, but at the same time you can sense something bad in going to happen in the not so distant future.

Audience in terms of ethnicity
Due to the characters in our opening being white, it would be said that it is more likely that the white British public would watch this film. It wouldn't be expected other ethnic minority would want to watch this film due to the reasoning that there isn't any other form of ethnic minority in the film so it would only aim or target audience from the white british area.

If you were to compare any other films with the opening of our film, for example: Submarine.

This film consists of mainly white british characters who as a matter of fact have the two main characters being the leads so this would reinforce that only the white british are going to watch it.

This relates highly to our film too as we have in these pictures, two white characters being the leads in the respective films so have a white british audience is to be expected.

Media Interest

There is going to be media interest concerning the film made from us and also other films as well. If it looks at the different aspects of Mise-En-Scene, then if we take the flashback from Kill Bill one, it shows a woman being cleaned from blood using a hankerchief.
This helped to inspire our film as we decided to incorperate this idea into our film, using the black and white to symbolise the flashback itself and the wiping of the blood as well to show a form of abuse towards the character.

This compared to our usage of the scene...

 The wiping of the blood from the face of the woman character.

The aim from this inspiration was to create an intertextual reference between the film we created with the opening to Kill Bill 1 as this would help the audience, once they notice the similarities between them, to compare the two and to in a sense make them feel cleaver that they have realised they are similar. In turn this would flatter them thus adding to the appeal of our film and making them want to watch it because they have spotted this.

Another media interest could come from This Is England in terms of the costume used at certain times of the opening. In our opening, you see the use of a leather jacket at certain points in it, especially the last moment we see it for real.


 This can also link to this picture on the right of the hard gang who the main character joins. We can establish the link between the jacket used in our thriller to the leather jackets used here which portrays them as being hard-hitting and sometimes full of enigmatic feel towards them.

From the shot above and the shot from our thriller we can see the enigmatic feel, especially with our opening because this is the first time we witness the male character so we don't particualry know what he is about.

This in turn also applies in Essex Boys as the character on the left below played by Sean Bean wears his leather jacket which can show the enigma behind.
As mentioned the leather jacket also creates that hard-hitting character which is what we are trying to show our male to be as well as Sean Bean.

Social Interest

In terms of who would actually want to watch our opening sequence, we would hope that the blue collared workers (C1) and people who maybe haven't got excellent qualifications (C2) would watch this as they may be able to relate to them while still being relatively young.

They may also be able to relate due to the lifestyles they may share with films such as This is England; perhaps not exactly if we see the differences in what they do, but in vague terms.

Our film would consist of a small release perhaps in Cinema City for example towards these small niche groups as it is more of a focused film aimed at a specific audiences unlike more well known films such as Kill Bill maybe which has a much larger scale of people who would be interested in watching it.
However the small scale may include some people that know of some of these other films that can see aspects of them in our film.


  1. Well done Dean, a strong response with excellent examples to support your points.

    So you could say that the demographic of your target audience is 16-18 year old girls, social class C (the largest demographic thus would draw a wider audience from this social class), interestedin thriller films/cinema, possibly an A Level student or undergraduate.

    Well done Dean, keep up the good work.

  2. I've had another look at your response and suggeest the following.

    1) Because the film revolves around a young white British woman who is the victim of abuse, the audience that will most identify with this character are 16-18 year old white British females. This group would probably also enjoy other films with strong female leads, (Kill Bill 1 & 2) as you have indicated.

    But also films like "Fish Tank" (look at the trailer on YouTube). Also research this film on IMDB and check out which demographic gave this film the strongest ratings. This film is not a thriller but it is a very gritty in your face social realist film about a deviant but heroic teenage girl.

    2) Social interest: This section is a little off piste!!! You have an image of a potential audience but I don't think 25+ male builders would find the film appealing, nor go to cinema city. Therefore I'd complete re-do this section.


    3) Your target audience is likely to appeal to girls which watch TV dramas like "Skins" which focuses on troubled young people. Look at user ratings for this drama on IMDB. Also google this programme on Amazon and look at "customers who bought this item".

    4) Your still from "Submarine" may be inappropriate because this is a film focused on a young British male and it is a comedy which your film definitely isn't!!!! So instead a still or screen shot from an episode from Skins (hard to find)

    5) You may wish to discuss this report in Qu 1 point 2 in your coursework booklet re representation of particular social groups. Yur film representedf alienated or abused young women Google "Girls who deliberately go missing", this is from a report.

    " Those most likely to be reported missing are:

    ¥ girls aged 13-17
    ¥ men aged 24-30


    Relationship breakdown
    Escape problems
    Escape violence
    Mental health problems

    So Dean your films is representing a social problem.

    We can discuss in class.

  3. Whhops typing errors gibberish in 5). I mean ...your film represents..!!!

    I like your references to Kill Bill 1 but you cannot repeat this reference in Question 1. So the more intertextual references you have the better.

    An example of abuse against a young girl:

    YouTube BBC- White Girl episode 6-9 (6 minutes into the clip). This is a splendid TV drama about a troubled young girl with an abusive step father.

    You could use this clip as an example of a text that would appeal to your target audience who enjoy gritty British films/tv dramas with realistic contemporary settings and plot lines. I'd reference this text rather than Submarine.