Thursday, 11 October 2012


1 - For my preliminary task, I used a planning sheet specifiying what everyone in our group was doing in our short film. It consists of the different types of shots that would be considered when we were shooting our film. For example, the tracking shot was used for walking around a corner and following that person around. I also used the order in which the shots would take place. Lastly I also used a storyboard which helped to show where the scene were to take place and what shots would be present at that specific moment in time.

Planning this way was useful because then I was able to know what was supposed to be happening at each moment during this short film. However, our actual film differed very slightly to my plans due to the fact that we included an extra shot showing the main character moving towards the camera which wasn't included on my plans.

 2 - During this process of making this short film, I believe that I have developed my skills in all of the camera shots I used and also practised. However one shot I think that I have developed and perfected the use of the close up shot due to the reason that I think the shots i performed using the close up shot were wonderfull. Secondly, I feel that I know the cameras well and how to use them; at the beginning of the project I was unsure but as it has progressed I've become more associated with them. With the cameras I had to zoom in and out which has improved the usage of the camera to give the films better effect in a sense. Throughout are short film I was able to use camera angles more effectively which in turn makes for a better film. For example, I used the close up shot on a few occasions which gave utilised to closely identify the action being partaken.

3 - Throughout this process of making the film we had to edit it as well. I believe that I had developed many editing skills in this time. One being having to include all the transititons onto the film in order to make it look extravagant and professional, however making it look realistic at the same time. I feel now that I have developed this skills effectively so I think I can do it better now. Secondly, using this editing program at first I was a little confused on what to do and how to edit it, however as it has gone on I feel I have gotten more confident with the software, despite the fact I am still blind t some of the software on it.
One certain area that I feel I have improved and developed the most is that of 'input' and 'output'. These ensure that the certain pieces of the scenes can be edited to make sure you have the bits you need and the other pieces can be discarded.
I think there are still areas that I need to improve on; the first one is to make use of the transtitions more effectively and to use them more. This would ensure my films don't have any 'laggy' bits and so it keeps my film and the transititons between each of the different scenes even smooth.

I feel that working in my group had many benefits; despite the fact some of us didn't know each other throughout but we do now. The group worked very well together and we had a laugh while making it as well. Lastly, our film turned out very successfully and the reason behind this was we ad fun while making it, which in turn resulted in our film being a successful piece.
 It was also successful through the 180 degree rule not being broken thoughout the entire short film which in turn kept the audience orientated and left them knowing where and what the characters were doing.


  1. Thanks for promptly posting your evaluation, it would be good experience for you if you were to take screen shots from your prelim film to add to your evaluation, for example screen shots of:

    shot reverse shot;

    match on action - example of continuity with costume or object/prop

    180 degree rule

    Will assess in more detail next week.

  2. Your evaluation as at its strongest when you evaluate aspects of editing because you refer to specific examples of particular skills you learned.

    In the 1st and 2nd questions you describe what you've done in a generalised way without referring to any examples. In any media work you must illustrate your points by illustrating your points. For example what particular camera shots and movements you used and why you think these shots were effective. Also you should've included the theme of the conversation. Avoid waffle in future posts!