Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Rest of the camera shots -birds eye; worms eye and rule of thirds

This is my worms eye view of a motor bike. This is a object view from below as though the observer was from a worm.  A worms eye view is used commonly for third persepective which is also usful when making movies.

This is a rule of thirds shot that i took from my holiday in turkey. This is a shot of the boat on the left, the water in the background and the chairs on the right. The image shows that the picture should be divided into 9 sections. It also shows 3 important elements in the picture.

 This is a birds eye view of my back garden when it was being refurbished with concrete. I took it from my back room window. This view is elevated from something from the floor and gives the perspective of a bird up high.


  1. Thanks Dean, great shots, particularly of the motor bike, note how the worm's eye shot makes the bike look menacing. This is an idea you could use in your opening to a new thriller film.

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  3. Dean I didn't spot the other shots you had uploaded so I removed my comment.
    It is important that you post your work under the correct label. All the work you have done thus far for me should be posted under G321 Preliminary Task.