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Case Study - Essex Boys

Essex Boys
Made and released in 2000.
Terry Winsor directed it.
5.9 stars out of ten from around 2,100.
Opening Weekend: £111,548 (UK) (16 July 2000) (54 Screens)
Gross:£441,128 (UK) (6 August 2000)
Aimed at Males between 18-30 normallly.
A majority of the votes have come from males compared to females however the best rating have come from the Females aged 18-29 with a rating of 6.9 out of a possible 10.

This is the first scene in 'Essex Boys' where Jason is discovering the car in the claustrophobic garage. Here we have the noir lighting which gives te dark on light effect to the scene.
One can also establish that the light is Non-Ambient and also has been made to be in the spotlight of the scene so we are able to see what else is in the scene and how it is made to be a thriller.

This picture can also be put into the Lighting catagory due to the reasoning that the light in the background is in exactly the correct spot so we are to see through the dirty and smerred window. The light hits the Sean Bean character perfectly like a spotlight which helps us to see him and the way he can be shown to the audience through his costume and his facial expression.

The effect shown here with Sean Bean being portrayed through a car window shows us that he can be seen as a dodgy character and person. From him being shown through the dirty window also helps us to establish that he is detached from everybody but not in the way which makes him dull or monotonous. This effect also helps us to understand that he is a rather cold character and makes it look as though he is out for revenge of some sort now that he is out of prison.

Here we have a Vanishing Point. This is the third scene of the film where 'Jason' is driving the character of Sean Bean to a destination. This can tell a number of things; firstly being the fact he is driving into a tunnel is like looking through the barrel of a gun which in turn can also show him driving towards another dimention. The Vanishing Point can also portray that he is driving himself into trouble and also into moral darkness which the scene tries to show. We can also see the wet shiny streets which also helps to put across the idea of him going towards trouble. We also have the Primeval of the character where Jason is being dominated by his primitive instincts.
Camera Angles
This camera shot presented is of the Sean Bean character attacking a memeber of a factory. It comes from a Point of View shot from Jason. This type of shot is very effective due to the reasoning that it puts the audience into the shoes of the character and shows us what that character is seeing at that specific moment in time.

This is also an effeective camera angle which has been used. The high angle shot of the character of Sean Bean when he about to get 'revenege' on a second character. This type of shot attempts to show the characters insignificance and vulnerability to the scene. Despite this however, due to the fact that we have already seen what he can do, we know that he isn't this and is actually quite menacing and composed. The shot here also helps to position the audience into the scene.


In Thriller films, locations are a vital aspect towards the genre and the film itself. In these pictures below we can see the bare landscape of the Essex marshes using Point of View and Longshots.

These pictures helps to set this specific scene as being away from civilisation and out in the open. The landscape which has been used helps to reflect the morality to the character of Jason. It helps to establish to us that Jason is an isolated figure with himself having a detached personality. These pictures also help us to understand that he has no moral boundries. This helps to prove to us that his world is considered to be dangerous.
Despite the fact there isn't much to mention of the sound of the film, especially during the opening parts, we can establish one important factor which makes the film effective in it's own way. The voiceover from Jason helps us to understand what he is thinking at that moment in the film while also building up the relationship between them and Jason.

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  1. Well done Dean for strengthening your case study on Essex Boys. One or two areas that could be revised/added:

    1) The lighting in the opening shot of Billy in the garage is non ambient, do be careful about this. Could you revise.
    2) Sound is interesting and needs addressing. Watch the opening again on You Tube and consider the purpose of the voice over and regional accents which reinforce geographical setting of the film and strongly reference the title of the film.