Monday, 12 November 2012

Development of Evalution

I have decided to take my tutor advice and have opted to talk about which angles worked in our preliminary task and which didn't. Firstly I think that one shot that worked well was our first shot. This was the Over The Shoulder shot which I feel was successful because it helps to place the audience in the position of the character. It also symbolises somebody following the character as well.
It also was a tracking shot which followed the character as they walked towards their target while the Over The Shoulder shot was taking place.

Another shot that I think was used well in our preliminary task was not breaking the 180 degree rule while we filmed it. Here we can establish that during the conversation we have the camera facing the two main characters. We can see that we haven't broken the 180 degree rule and this was because we had a wall behind us and we were not able to do it. We haven't disorientated the audience as they are able to establish where the characters are and have been, and we know they haven't moved.

Lastly, our conversation was school themed. It consisted of one character talking to the other about the media lesson. This was about the media lesson being cancelled and having to catch up on work, where one character was worried that she couldn't whereas the other not minding and thinking a lesson off was goodand she'd be able to catch up easily.

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