Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Research on Essex Boys

Essex Boys
Made in 2000
Title Sequence establishes the thriller genre through the Noir lighting at the beginning of the film. It also is established through the screeching of the blackboard.
Director: Terry Winsor

Key word - Primeval - Pre-historic
This is used as an example in Essex boys as Jason is dominated by his primative instincts.
Opening Scene
Contains Noir Lighting to establish the genre straight away.
First scene is set in a garage which symbolises the thriller because it is a clostrophobic space.
We also have the shot of Sean Bean character through the dirty window which portrays to use he is a dodgy, detached and cold character as we look through the dirty smerted screen.
Second Scene
In this scene we have the wet shiny streets which help to show the thriller as this is a classic technique when showing whether or not a film is a thriller or not.
Another way is the vanishing point which is used through the tunnel which symbolises a scope on a gun which can also show that he is driving towards trouble. It also shows us the moral darkness of the scene with the tunnel.
The chiaroscuro lighting is used when the main character Billy Reyonlds driving Sean Bean's character to his destination with the white stripes which symbolise he has only just got out of prison.
The film also uses a voiceover which helps to build a relationship with the audience and to help us to know what he is thinking.

The use of a white van is used in classic thrillers. It makes us what to know what is in it; we see that something terrible is kept in them so we want to know what is in it and creates the classic suspence.

How the landscape reflects characters and their morality.
As we can see in the film that Jason is isolated with his detached personality from the way he tries to keep himself to himself. He also doesn't have any moral boundries which helps us to understand that his world is considered as dangerous.

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  1. The opening to Essex Boys is on this link

    Some points to revise and target:

    1) There are some spelling and grammatical errors in your analysis. I suggest you do your posts on word first so that these errors are flagged up and corrected.
    2) The name of the main character is not Chippy but Billy Reynolds.
    3) For each case study you need to do an introduction with name of film, director's name, and when production was released. This is very important.
    4) Try to use prezis or power points or slide shows to present your analysis. This will keep you focused. When discussing lighting, sound, camera angles and movement, and aspects of mise-en-scene, like costume, location, props, objects etc.

    5) With regard to your last point, you could upload an image of the Essex Marshes (on The school Gateway) where Jason beats up the guy who grassed him. The marshes have no boundaries, they're like a primeval landscape of predators and victims, where Jason is the predator. The bleakness of this location suggests the lack of moral boundaries in the character of Jason.